2013 Lahmeyer REMIPEG Report: Solar PV

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The global newly installed PV power capacity reached 36 GW in 2013, a 28% increase over 2012. Another dramatic change: Europe, the prevalent market in the PV sector in 2012, scaled back a bit as Asia assumed the leadership position in the PV sector with 19 GW of newly installed capacity.

The global PV picture in 2013 reflected a seismic shift in market share. Asia emerged holding a 53% stake of the total newly installed worldwide capacity in 2013, surpassing Europe (the market leader in 2012). Europe, now in second place with 11 GW, was followed by North America with 5.3 GW and Oceania — a region centered around the Pacific Ocean — with 0.8 GW. Europe in 2013 installed about 6 GW less than 2012, while North America installed roughly 2 GW more capacity. Oceania experienced a 0.2 GW drop in 2013.

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