2013 Lahmeyer REMIPEG Report: Hydropower

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In 2013 the cumulated hydropower capacity reached 1,103 GW, with an estimated annual electricity generation of around 3,704 TWh/y. This growth positioned hydropower energy as the highest cumulated installed capacity among renewable energy sources. Intriguing, considering that over the last two years solar and wind power generation actually grew faster than hydropower.

What's even more fascinating is that more than 60% of the installed capacity in the beginning of 2013 came from China, making this market in the most active in the field during 2013. In fact, according to the report, the majority of the installed pumped storage capacity was generated in Asia — which currently has about 50 GW of cumulative installed capacity [3]. Specifically, Japan lead the pack with more than 25 GW installed capacity, followed by China with 14.3 GW.

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